Boost your focus and unlock your productivity in just 10 minutes

Watch one of our most popular, quick lunch-and-learn workshops (for free) and learn how to create your own pre-work routine that will make you even more efficient and effective.

What can you expect from this game-changing workshop:

  • The science behind why you need a pre-work routine: You like to know why you should do something? Me too! I’ll share a number of different peer reviewed studies that sing the praises of establishing a regular pre-work routine.
  • Step-by-step instruction: This workshop isn’t just full of some high-level theory. It gives you step-by-step guidance that you can use to start implementing a pre-work routine right away.
  • I give you the next steps to keep optimizing your new routine: We’ll guide you through the process of testing, tweaking, and refining your routine. With each adjustment, watch as your efficiency skyrockets and your goals become within reach!

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