Introducing The Productivity Partner App

Your Ultimate Productivity Partner!

Hey there, achiever! Ready to break free from the chaos, find your balance, and skyrocket your productivity without the looming threat of burnout?

Well, meet your new partner in crime – The Productivity Partner App!

What Sets Us Apart?

Gone are the days of hustling non-stop, only to crash and burn. The Productivity Partner App is your haven for managing stress, boosting energy, gaining clarity, and reclaiming your productivity – all while keeping that burnout at bay.

Your Personal Toolkit

15-Minute Virtual Yoga Classes

No matter your level, find solace in quick, accessible yoga sessions tailored for both chair and floor practice.

Your daily reset awaits, bringing peace to your hectic schedule.

30-Minute Virtual Qigong Classes

 Embark on a journey from 60 seconds to 30 minutes with our meditation library.

New to meditation? Dive into Meditation 101 – five minutes a day to discover the magic.

Guided Meditation Library


Master the art of controlling stress or activating energy with Patanjali’s Pranayama.

Take the exercises on the go with audio versions or follow the video guide.

Pranayama Breathwork


Master the art of controlling stress or activating energy with Patanjali’s Pranayama. Take the exercises on the go with audio versions or follow the video guide.

Journal Prompts Library


Uncover the layers of your being with our journal prompts, aiding your self-discovery journey. Each prompt comes with guidance for a fuller experience.

Digital Self-Care Packages

Every week, indulge in a curated package – free activity, journal prompt, meditation, and playlist. Because self-care isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity.

Bonuses to Thrive

Life Balance Program


Weekly rotations through the 13 aspects of the Life Balance program pave the way for calm, routine-building, and a supportive community.

Yoga Asana Posture Breakdown Library

Whether you’re a yoga pro or just starting, this library helps you find the perfect posture for your body

Members Only Discounts

Enjoy exclusive discounts on workshops, group programs, courses, and one-on-one sessions.

Affordability for All

We get it – not everyone has extra cash lying around. Choose a membership tier that aligns with your financial reality.

Consider our $15, $25 or $35/month options to support others facing financial challenges.

Equity Pricing Structure

Before deciding, consider our intention equity pricing – supporting marginalized identities and those facing financial hardship.

Got Questions? We've Got Answers

It’s important to us that yoga, qigong, and all self-care resources be accessible. This is why we have three very affordable options for your app.

I understand that not everyone has a lot of extra income to spend on themselves. I have been there myself, adding up the groceries at the store to make sure I had enough money in my account to pay for it before I made it to the checkout and losing sleep wondering how we were going to make ends meet.

Before choosing your membership payment, please take a moment to consider the intention equity pricing structure, which was created in order to amplify support access for those who hold marginalized identities and those experiencing significant financial hardship. If neither of those qualifications apply to you, we ask you to please consider our $25 or $50/month options to support others in our community who have decreased access to financial resources if this is accessible to you.

If you aren’t able to afford the subscription payments, but would still like to participate we do have a limited number of scholarship spots available that are available on a first come first serve basis and do require that you send us an email each month to share your continued desire to use the app. Without this monthly communication from you, your access will be removed and we will give your spot to the next person on the waitlist.

The $15/month tier is designed for people with financial struggles, or those in marginalized communities such as those who are:

  • Black and/or Indigenous Persons of Color,
  • disabled,
  • neurodiverse,
  • living in a larger body,
  • immigrants,
  • seniors, etc.

We acknowledge the lasting damage capitalism and colonialism has had and continues to have on these communities, and want to help keep wealth in these groups. It’s also why we donate 10% of all monthly revenue to organizations that support these communities.

No. Every price tier offers the same amount of access within the Flow State App. We offer a sliding scale payment structure to allow for marginalized communities to have safe access, and those who have the means to help support the community as a whole. Our teachers and contributors will not know which tier you’ve joined at and will treat everyone the same.

This is an excellent question and one that we, the team at the Flow State review often. We continue to learn and teach the history and philosophy of each modality that we incorporate into the app and ensure that we do our best to keep the practices as true to their cultural form as possible.

For example, the proper pronunciation of Sanskrit is required of our yoga instructors, as well as the integration of the Jnana Yoga path along with Vedic Philosophy and the 8 Limbs of Yoga as written by Patanjali.

That being said, we are always open to ways that we can can be more authentic and honor the practices we teach, so if you have feedback for this please send an email to or use the contact form in your app.

If this requires a significant time investment on behalf of the person bringing this to our attention, compensation will be discussed. 

It is our policy to create a fully accessible and safe space for all to heal together. As someone with a disability and a part of the LGBTQIA+ community, I, Avery, have some lived experience in a marginalized group, however I am aware of much of what being a white woman offers me that other groups do not receive.

Although myself and the rest of the team here at the Flow State App continue to do the work to learn about our different layers of privilege and the impact of White Supremacy on our actions, systems and intentions, we understand that we aren’t perfect and may still make a mistake.

We do our best to create as safe a space as possible for everyone, but understand that we don’t know what we don’t know. Differing view points, blunt feedback and discussions around content and interactions that contain microaggressions, racism, ableism, or discrimination of any kind are welcomed. If this requires a significant time investment on behalf of the person bringing this to our attention, compensation will be discussed. 

Feedback these concerns can be sent to or through the contact form in your app.

You can cancel at any time either yourself through the app, or by filling out our contact form at least three business days before your account renews. There’s no commitment to any number of months, however if we do change our pricing structure after you cancel you will not be able to rejoin at your previous rate.

Due to the digital nature of this product, refunds are not available. However, we are completely open to feedback and ideas so if something about your membership isn’t working for you, or you need something to make it more accessible to you – then please feel free to let us know and we’ll take it into consideration!

Every single one of the resources in the Flow State App has been optimized to give you the most return for your investment in time. It’s why the yoga classes are 15 minutes, the meditations start at 60 seconds long, and the breathwork classes are the shortest possible for you to get the most benefit (about 3 minutes). 

Also, your burnout recovery program is portable! With the Flow State App, all of your burnout recovery resources are at your fingertips from your phone using the app, or from a web browser.

You’re not alone. The vast majority of people that I’ve worked with over the years have said this to me before we worked together.

It’s why I’ve decided to include the Recover Program within the Flow State App. It’s your step-by-step partner to guide you through your burnout recovery in just 10 minutes per week – just imagine having me as your personal coach in your back pocket!

I’ve taken all the guesswork and decision making off the table, with a clearly laid out program to help you recover without any added stress.

Ready to Reclaim Your Flow?


Ask yourself: What’s worked before to combat burnout? Imagine enjoying your day, generating energy without caffeine, feeling truly rested, and aligning with your purpose. It’s time to break free from the productivity trap and rediscover the joy of life.

Join the Productivity Partner App today – because your productivity deserves a mindful partner.