Cultivating Balance in a Capitalist World – the four ways capitalism sabotages our well-being

Delve into the historical unraveling of work-life balance, examining the pervasive influence of modern capitalism from its roots in the industrial revolution to the present. Explore the stress-inducing factors, including the 24/7 work cycle, intense competition, and consumerist culture. Uncover how the lack of social safety nets exacerbates burnout. Navigate a path forward with practical steps for setting empathetic boundaries, prioritizing genuine self-care, and advocating for cultural change. Redefine success and well-being in a capitalist world, creating a future where economic prosperity coexists with the well-being of individuals and communities.

Thriving Beyond Burnout: A Conversation on Lifestyle and Personal Transformation

Discover the transformative journey from burnout to wellness in this episode as Avery engages with Dr. Benita Vernardo (Dr. V), a former OBGYN turned lifestyle medicine advocate. Explore the red flags, emotional toll, and pivotal moments that led Dr. V to retire from traditional practice. Uncover the power of lifestyle medicine, patient-centered healthcare, and the key habits that kickstarted Dr. V’s path to a balanced and purposeful life. Don’t miss insights on mindset, authenticity, and the upcoming group program offering a holistic approach to well-being. Tune in for a conversation that resonates beyond healthcare, bringing actionable steps for anyone navigating the challenges of burnout and seeking a meaningful life.

The Four Burnout Subtypes

There are actually four kinds of burnout and they are related to the four different kinds of energy that we have.

You can either be exclusively experiencing one form of burnout, a combination, or a grand slam with all four subtypes. Knowing which subtype or combination of subtypes of burnout you’re experiencing can make a huge difference in helping you recover and prevent it from ever happening again.

The Truth About Burnout

What is burnout? How do you know if you’re burned out? What causes it? And how do we recover?