Rocket Science, Fulfillment Burnout, and Unveiling the Truth with Melissa Corley Carter

Dive into an extraordinary episode where rocket science meets burnout as Avery Thatcher engages in a revealing conversation with Melissa Corley Carter. Explore Melissa’s remarkable journey, from running marathons on every continent, including Antarctica, to overcoming burnout and finding fulfillment. Join us on this stress management podcast as we uncover the nuances of burnout, challenge societal norms, and delve into the deeper goals behind external aspirations. Discover how embracing your present and understanding the principles of rocket science can transform your life. Explore more on our website and gain insights from Melissa’s wisdom card deck and book. Elevate your stress management strategy with this insightful discussion on navigating burnout and achieving lasting fulfillment.

Thriving Beyond Burnout: A Conversation on Lifestyle and Personal Transformation

Discover the transformative journey from burnout to wellness in this episode as Avery engages with Dr. Benita Vernardo (Dr. V), a former OBGYN turned lifestyle medicine advocate. Explore the red flags, emotional toll, and pivotal moments that led Dr. V to retire from traditional practice. Uncover the power of lifestyle medicine, patient-centered healthcare, and the key habits that kickstarted Dr. V’s path to a balanced and purposeful life. Don’t miss insights on mindset, authenticity, and the upcoming group program offering a holistic approach to well-being. Tune in for a conversation that resonates beyond healthcare, bringing actionable steps for anyone navigating the challenges of burnout and seeking a meaningful life.

Steering Toward Fulfillment: Journey to Career Satisfaction with Anthony Kuo

Join Avery Thatcher in an insightful conversation with Anthony Kuo, a career satisfaction coach, as they delve into the impact of perfectionism on one’s career and life. Anthony shares his personal journey from a successful corporate trajectory to discovering true career satisfaction. Uncover the importance of listening to your dissatisfaction and learn practical tips for crafting a fulfilling career.

A High Achiever’s Journey to Wellness and Business Success with Pam DeArmon

“We talk about often here on this podcast is that hindsight is a jerk because we can look back and see those warning signs now we’re just like oh that sucks uh and you’re definitely not alone I can guarantee the person listening to this right now is nodding their head and they’re like yep that’s me I pushed through all of those warning signs and then Make it through to the weekend and kind of crash for the entire time.” – Avery

Unraveling Financial Stress and Healing from Burnout – A Conversation with Patrice Malloy

Embark on a transformative journey with Patrice Malloy, a certified QuickBooks and Xero Software Pro Advisor, licensed insurance broker, and financial advisor. In this episode, Patrice opens up about her personal burnout experiences and explores the intersection of financial stress and overall well-being. Gain valuable insights into recognizing burnout signs, shifting mindset from scarcity to abundance, and seeking financial empowerment. Join the conversation on balancing burnout and achievement, and discover strategies for a healthier, more empowered financial life. Don’t miss this episode with a seasoned expert who has empowered businesses like DoD, VA, DHS-CBP, PricewaterhouseCoopers, KPMG, Sprint Nextel, Fannie Mac, Freddie Mac, Keurig/Dr. Pepper, and JP Morgan Chase.

Decide Your Destiny – Discussing men’s mental health with Kyle Spyrides

Meet Kyle, a resilient individual who turned his traumatic experiences into a journey of self-discovery and healing. In this podcast episode, Kyle shares his unique story, from facing physical and emotional abuse as a teenager to overcoming a life-threatening health crisis. Discover how he found strength through connection, the power of sharing vulnerability, and the importance of choosing your own destiny.

From Silence to Symphony: The Healing Potential of Music for Introverts with Birgit Livesey

Birgit is the creator & host of the Living on the B Side podcast, a place to showcase the power of music through people’s stories. She has been a music lover all her life and in 2018 took the leap to give her passion a voice in the world.

Going from introverted teenager in Switzerland to confident Podcast host currently living in Melbourne/Australia, she wants to share her (and others’) journey through life with the help of music.

When she isn’t on the ‘B Side’, she spends time with her hubby and senior cat Richo, enjoying nature and diving into all things personal-development.

Canvas of Courage: Unveiling the Power of Art in Overcoming Adversity with Claire and Amaranthia

Claire and Amaranthia are a creative disabled Black mother-daughter duo who develop virtual disability-accessible art shows for BIPOC and LGBT women. Their mission is to help marginalized women and femme creatives gain accessibility and visibility in the arts to facilitate personal healing. The duo is known in their community for their relatively new charitable virtual art event, “Art & Mind.” “Art & Mind” collaborates with Brain Arts Org, a non-profit in Boston that supports marginalized artists and creatives. Through documentaries, “Art & Mind” showcases activist artists that utilize various mediums to discuss the importance of art as a healing tool.