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At The Truth About Burnout, we understand the unique challenges faced by non-profits. Our mission is to help organizations like yours overcome staff burnout and foster a healthier, more resilient workplace. With years of experience and a deep understanding of the effects of stress and burnout, we offer tailored workshops and consulting services to empower your team and sustain your mission.

Uncover why non-profits face burnout, understand your team’s struggles, and learn vital strategies to support recovery. Listen to an episode and empower your team’s well-being so they can better support the mission of your non-profit today. 

Think there might be a bit of burnout in your organization? Let’s get to work! From lunch and learns to half day workshops, Avery will guide your leadership team and front line staff to creating and implementing a Burnout Recovery and Prevention Action Plan that’s 100% unique to your organization

Free workshop to design your pre work routine

Give me 10 minutes and you’ll:

  • learn why your pre-work routine will be come your productivity superpower
  • discover the three critical elements of an effective pre-work routine
  • design your own pre-work routine with our worksheet

Hi, I'm Avery

~ 500 hr RYT, NLP, CBT, ACT, DBT, MBSR, Erikson Hynnosis, Mindfulness Instructor, Art Therapy Facilitator, Jnana Yoga Student, Tea Drinker and former ICU RN. ~

…I think my high achiever is showing…

I founded The Truth About Burnout out of a deep passion for helping others navigate burnout. My journey began as an ICU Registered Nurse, where I witnessed firsthand the devastating impact of chronic stress. Determined to make a difference, I transitioned into teaching stress management strategies online in 2015. However, my own experience with severe burnout in 2018 revealed a critical insight: burnout is an energy management issue, not just a stress management one.

Our Approach:

We focus on energy management rather than just stress management. Through interactive workshops and ongoing support, we equip your leadership team and staff with practical strategies to manage energy and stress, recognize the signs of burnout early, and implement lasting changes that will dramatically improve your company culture.